MUni terminology Word of the Day: Shindentation

Welcome to MUni Terminology Word of the Day. The purpose of these messages is

  1. To inform you of the latest words being used on the trails by savvy
  2. To help me remember these things. I/we are always thinking up great ones
    while riding, but I usually forget to write them down!
  3. To promote the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend.

TODAY’S WORD: Shindentation (pronounced like “indentation”) This is something
that happens to the front of your legs when slammed into by pedals or other
objects Some of the worst ones hurt a lot but don’t leave any mark. Others make
a “dent” that you can feel in your shin bone years later. Most commonly caused
by pedals, but can also be from trail debris, guardrails or your fellow riders.
May be an impact, or nasty pedal scrapes.

The California Mountain Unicycle Weekend is coming up on October 17 and 18 in
Northern CA. See the web page:

A registration form is in the works and should be up by the end of the week.
Registration is $10 and T-shirts will be $15 each. There will also be a $5
day-use fee at Sly Park on Sunday. I am looking into hotels in the Auburn and
Placerville areas, as well as near me. There are still spaces available on my
comfy living room floor, or convenient camping in my back yard. Camping is also
possible at Sly Park, but reservations must be made in advance (contact info. to
be published soon).

Hope to see you there!

John Foss