MUNI technology

I thought I’d throw my threepence in here (2 cents or whatever), since I
probably helped to originate this string of conversation.

First of all I’d like to give the purpose behind my choice in Uni: it’s not to
wow everyone to say ‘look what I’ve got’, it’s because I wanted a durable Uni
that could stand up to
a) Me b) lots of rough terrain, by choosing different (not to say less good
quality) components the price of a DM can be bought down to nearly (say
within $50) of a Pashley. The fact that it looks good (personal opinion) is a
bonus to me.

I have to agree with Nic, we musn’t loose sight of what MUni-ing is all about

  • to me ( and I hope you all agree ) Its getting out there and doing it - it
    doesn’t matter whether you do it on your 20" Tawainese model or 26" Space Age
    technology model filled with helium, just so long as you get out there and
    hit the trails ! Its nice to play with the technologies but we shouldn’t turn
    into a bunch of folks who won’t acknowledge each other because your machine
    didn’t cost over $1000. We all have something in common - a sense of fun and
    a Unicycle.

C’mon let’s keep it together, one wheel forever…


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  • check out Polaris report, due 16th/17th June 1998 *

      On 061698 "stressed out Nic" wrote something along the lines of:

> Firstly I’m amazed at the level of detail and fanaticism that everybody seems
> to be carrying this MUNI thing to. Admittedly i’ve only had the chance to go
> seriously muni-ing once, and it was really fun, but it seems that the
> equipment is becomingmore important than the sport.
> Drawing the obvious parallel with MTB, you get the case where people don’t
> think they can go offroad without at least front suspension, usually full
> suspension, and a thousand dollar frame. In truth you can have a hell of a lot
> of fun on a $200 bike!
> While I appreciate that sometimes its nice to indulge yourself and get some
> good quality workmanship, the concept of paying more than $200 for a single
> wheel is quite scary! I was going to buy a Sem, but opted for a Viscount -
> half the price. . . i dunno, maybe i’m just cynically turned off by
> consumerism.
> What do other people think about money vs. quality vs. fun. . .
> Too bad we can’t get a decent CHEAP indestructible unicycle hey.
> Nic
> BTW, i’m just ranting and raving cause i’m in exam mode.