Muni Team

I’m thinking about starting an online team of Muni riders…

How about Yellow Muni Magistrates for the name?

If you want to join just put it in your profile or signature or something…

Its gonna be very informal just like the name and your member number. Post it on your video’s and wear yellow?

What do you guys think? I am gonna make a blog for uploading and stuff if this gets popular.

P.S. I’m the 1st member!!!

You’re not related to The Hoovers or George Peck are you?

So… what’s the point of this “team”, then? A reason to wear yellow and put a number next to your name? That’s all?

You’re going to have to come up with a little more than that, IMHO.

How about a “10+ mile muni team” where each member must go on a 10+ mile ride every month (and maybe write a quick report on said rides).

Or a “5’ drop team” where each member must post a pic or video of a 5’ drop every month.

I’d think, if you want to make a team, you need more than a colored jersey to unite your team members.

As for the “Muni Militia”, we’ve got to do target practice while riding muni, although we haven’t set a recurrence for said practice. This is my kind of team. :wink:

Well, here’s my entry…not putting in my sig, though. :roll_eyes:

What if you don’t like yellow?


I kind of like the shirt color idea though. Easy to notice who’s on what team.

Goats - get on a different team if you don’t like it so much
(or the others on it :roll_eyes: :o).

you should make up some cumstom yellow paint job for a kh 24"
or something like that :smiley:

But I want to be on the team!!
I just don’t like yellow…

No sry…

you mean, like nathan and beau’s?

On the west coast, “team yellow” has become synonymous with the hoovers.


Ahhhhh. They may have beaten me to the yellow thing i see… Thanks

Well i think im changing it to Black Muni Migistrates…