MUni T-Shirts

I’ve been thinking about making some t-shirts. If I do make them they would primarily be for Moab but, depending on the interest I might make more for those interested.

The basic idea would be this image on the back:

And perhaps a small Moab logo or something similar on the front.

What do you all think?

If (and I stress if) I decide to make some would anyone want one (or more)?

What type of shirt would be preferred? Cycling jersey? Long sleeve t-shirt? Short sleeve t-shirt? Other? What color(s)?


You spelled Kilometers wrong!

I like that idea. My vote would be for a non-white, long sleeve T

Nice. Looks familiar, =p

I was organizing my galleries and this apparently broke the original linked image.

So here it is again.

I was just about to ask why anyone would want a red X on the back of their shirt. I’ll take one if you get them made.

I’d be interested in one :slight_smile:

Mee too.

Me Three.

We’d take 2, one XL, one medium

I would take three, one XL and two smalls if you do this. We will be at Moab.

I’m in!

Can’t wait!

It looks like they’d be $15-$20 (US) for a long sleeve forest green t-shirt.

I’m still debating on whether I want to bother having them made up. I’d like to but I have several concerns.

  1. I don’t want to be out any money.

  2. I don’t want anyone to feel they are being taken advantage of.

  3. I don’t want to step on any “official” Moab MUni-Fest toes.

Does anyone have any firsthand experience with making t-shirts for the uni community? Good or bad?

What about on the other end. Have any of you bought t-shirts from others in the forums? Good or bad?

And finally, is anyone else interested in making the t-shirts with my design and simply selling me one? :slight_smile:


Gilby is the Mac-Daddy of uni t-shirts. Ask him if it is worth it. Also, the Memphis Unicycle Club has been successful in maintaining our club for two years now with no membership fees by selling t-shirts and stickers. It is a bit of a hassle and I am out some cash until we make the money back. But for me it is one way of getting the stuff that I want, too.

I would be interested in picking up the ball and making these shirts and selling them for our club if you would be willing to donate to art. We sell our shirts for $15.


As much as I’d like to have the shirts made I think I’ll defer to someone who’s willing to take the risks assiciated with such an endeavor.

As far as I’m concerned the image I posted is free to the public. If someone will make t-shirts that use the image I only ask that you make one available to me.

I do have a hi-res version of the image that I can provide upon request. Email michael_j_grant (at) yahoo (dot) com.

One other think that I got thinking about:

If the graphic is on the back and you are riding with a hydration pack it will obscure the image. Perhaps it would make more sense to put it on the front.


I’ve bought lots of shirts from Gilby and he has so many that he probably operates at a small profit.

I bought one of the MUni Militia t-shirts from Chex (Mike Carrol) for myself and one for JC. Mike sold them WAY TOO CHEAP and also found out that some people don’t pay, some people pay late, and some people order and then go away. I think that the experience for him was probably more negative than positive. Just something to keep in mind when doing a single run thing like this.

Tommy may make lots of shirts and know how to price them to cover losses. Tommy tends to be more concerned with getting the word out than with losses, though. So was Chex.

Yep I did loose a few buck on thoes shirts, and some didnt pay. I also had some shipping problems because I used shitty envelopes. All in all I think it was a positive experence though. I learned alot and theres alot of people who got shirts that were made with the most basic materials ever.

I did learn alot, but I would deffenatlly sell shirts to my friends at that price again. I would collecet money before shipping next time though, trust only goes so far on the internet. Even if it means I get hurt a little with it I will do it again when I get some free time. I have been working with Dan on a few designs for some Syko shirts recently and hopefully thoes will be ready soon. At afordable prices.

For me I would rather get more stuff and make a few more people happy with some quality merch than overcharge to make a large profit . That said I do understand now that it is ok to charge more than the cost to fund your next project and to eat out every now and then. Finding that balance is key.


While you could probably contact Rolf directly to see if he’d consider his toes stepped on, I’ll toss my $.02 as a past and future Moab attendee:

  1. Nothing would deter me from purchasing whatever “official” shirt Rolf comes up with. That’s a must have, and I’d guess that to be true for most or all attendees.

  2. If someone else was there with a cool but more generic muni shirt I’d buy that too because the more muni shirts the merrier. This happened in CA this fall, where some other folks had shirts but John also had the official event shirts. I got one of each. You might ask him if he felt like the other shirts undercut his ability to sell through his stock.

  3. To avoid a conflict, have your shirt be generic, i.e. don’t put anything on there about Moab. The design is very cool, and can stand on its own without being associated with a particular event.

I hope it gets executed…it’s a cool design.


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I realy want a green tie with that Muni image on it.