Muni Suspension!

Wow. Ever go over a curb, a rut, or even ride your unicycle off road and dream
of suspension. Well, I finally got it. I bought a seatpost sold by Wonderide for
my wife the other day and her enthusiasm and smiles encouraged me to figure out
how to convert it to my unicycle. By cutting a notch with a hacksaw (+file) on
my unicycle seatpost, I was able to install the suspension I had longed for. I
went for my first ride tonight around NYC - over and through a park for off-road
testing - and I love it. For only $30 + S&H, it’s a deal. If you’re interested
you can call 1-800-547-3944 and speak to Jules about it. He’d never heard of
applying it to unicycles before, but when I explained the reality of
unicycle-crotch, he thought his seatpost would work.

I’ve got to admit the ride is odd at first. But I got the hang of it
soon enough.

Does anyone else there ride a suspended unicycle? Let me know.

shawn hill.