Muni suggestions Plzzzz

Hey im thinking about building up/buy a Muni and i need some suggestions on whats best for what i want to do. Im looking to ride single track. The spots i will be riding have alot of technical areas like rock gardens, log crossings, build-ups, rocky decents, ect. I want a uni that will handle well on the technical but will still get up the hills and cover some ground.

Yours thoughts please:)

The best muni out there is the KH24, but if you want to cover some ground a little faster a 26" like the nimbus might be a good choice. I think hte KH24 would be best for technical muni.

I’ll put in another vote for a 26", probably with 150mm cranks. With a 3" tyre it’s very nearly the same diameter as a 29er, but better on rocks. A 29er is lighter (due to the skinnier tyre) but not so nice over rocky sections.

Another option (but very expensive) would be a KH/Schlumpf geared hub in a 24" (or even a 26"), which would give you some nice speed on the easy bits but still controllable on the technical stuff.

But unless you’ve got money to burn, 26" is a superb all-rounder :slight_smile:


I really wish Kris Holm would make a 26in uni!

I’d also put my vote on the 26". I would recommend the new nimbus frame w/ brake mounts, you’ll definitely want them. Nurse Ben built up a nice one a little while ago, but I’d go w/ a different rim. You could buy the nimbus complete, or build it up w/ a wide trials rim.

where are you riding? I’m having a hard time finding anyone to muni w/. I live near harrisburg. Pm if you ride close

I live in West Chester PA. I been riding trials uni for a while now and im also into biketrials and XC mountian biking.

I had an “old” style Nimbus II 26" muni for a few years (which was very good), but I’ve recently upgraded most of it to the new spec, including the new frame, and I’m very impressed - it feels noticeably stiffer and more controllable somehow on rocky climbs.

It’s true, KH frames are nice. You can put a 26x3" wheel in a KH29 frame, but if you want to use brakes you’d need to make some modified brake brackets. I think if KH sold a 26" frame I’d probably have bought one, but the new Nimbus frames are really very good. Most people use 24" for technical muni and 29 for cross-country, so there are only a few of us weirdos who prefer a 26" - probably not enough for KH to produce a frame.


I have a K1 24 and Hunter 26 and like a few of the respondents above would recomend the 26 unless you mostly ride very technical trails. It is faster and smoother than the 24 and the tire and and rim availability make it far superior to a 29.

sounds like a 26in is the way to go. Whats the biggest width tire that will fit in the new nimbus 26in frame??

The general public think all unicyclists are weirdos, so in their eyes we’re either weirdos squared, or if you consider weirdo to be negative, and a double negative is a positive then that means we’re normal.:smiley:

On a sensible note if you are strapped for cash the 26 is the way to go as there is a huge range of tyres available, so if the usual 3" is too big use a normal width MTB tyre, or change to a road tyre.

I think the nimbus is sold with a 3" wide tyre, and that’s what I’ve always run, don’t think you can get anything wider that that.

There’s plenty of clearance with a Duro Leopard 3". I’ve not tried mine with any other 3" tyres - I think the Gazzaloddi may be a little bit bigger than the Duro. In really sticky mud I’ve used a normal 1.9" xc bike tyre to prevent clogging, but in normal conditions the Duro has enough space.

That’s on the normal new Nimbus muni rim (which I believe is 42mm wide). If you use a Large Marge you may get clearance problems. I don’t reckon an Endomorph tyre would fit (but they’re pretty nasty to ride anyway from what I’ve read here).


I wouldn’t bother too much about the 24 vs 26 difference. Put cranks on a 24" that are one notch shorter and it is about as fast as the 26" with the ‘original’ crank length.

As someone said, a 24" is slightly better for technical stuff than a 26". Remarkably, you can diminish that slightly better ability in a 24" by said shorter cranks.

So in short (pun not intended): put one notch shorter cranks on a 24" and you have a very similar machine to a 26", for both pros and cons.

I don’t think that’s really true. Shorter cranks don’t actually give you a higher gear - a bigger wheel does. Short cranks make it easier to spin faster, but it’s not as nice as a bigger wheel where you can actually go faster without spinning faster. OK, so the difference between 24 and 26 isn’t massive, but it’s noticeable. And a bigger wheel rolls better.
That’s my opinion anyway.


i like the fact that the 26in will roll over stuff easier and will have a better rim and tire selection.
Its kinda like the difference between my 26in mountain bike and my 29er mountain bike. the 29er rolls faster and smoother.

I’m considering getting a 26" just to have something different to ride occasionally and as a loaner available to tempt others onto rides w/ me.

A 26 does roll over bumps better, but a 24 w/ shorter cranks is a bit more manuverable than a 26 at low and high speeds, which becomes a problem at speed in 2nd gear w/ the geared hub, according to KH.

The budget tech XC uni may be a 26, but if $ isn’t an option or you plan to get the geared hub in the future, a 24 is better w/ that hub in most situations according to Kris & if you want even more speed put on shorter cranks.

Didn’t Beau Hoover win the uphill Muni climb at UNICON w/ 125’s on his 24?