[Muni/Street] - "Natty Street"

Hey Folks,
Another Uneed film is here.

I went out to my local waterfalls and played around with some Muni on my 19". Of course as a Street rider I had to throw in a few tricks here and there. Much fun was had. I plan to do more of this style of ridding for sure… which for lack of anything else to call it, I will go with “Natty Street”


Download from utv


-Sam Haber

Awesome :slight_smile:

Nice dude. looks like a lot of fun. makes me wanna go try!


I’ve never seen a crankflip implemented into Muni before.

Awesome video. Great combination of the two styles. The music was kinda irritating though.

cool video…great riding…odd music…very odd…

holy wow! that’s sweet! so how many times did you lose your uni in the drink and have to retrieve it from the bottom of a waterfall… did you fall in much?

Thanks guys.

Yes odd music. It had to convince myself I didnt want to re-edit it to different music. I think the main reason for keeping the song is the irony(for me at least). A lot of this ridding took lots of yelling and big falls(no pun intended) and the music is quite the opposite, which I find makes for a strange experience kinda how all new things are.

No bails into the water. My uni got wet a couple times…mmmm titanium. But I did not. Falling into that raging waterfall would have been hospital or worse, not to mention it was also ice cold. If the uni fell into a high moving part I doubt It would have showed at the bottom, Idda been waiting for the water level to drop.

On vimeo it was such high quality my computer couldn’t handle it lol. It playing at like 2 frames per second.

It was a good vid though, I’ve never seen street and muni combined like that before lol

Yea, you dont want to play High Def unless you have a computer that is less than 2 years old. Even a brand new computer will have trouble if you have other programs open… the quality is awesome tho. Vimeo also allows members to download the actual file so you can watch it in Full HD which is pretty awesome if you have a nice big monitor… which I do not.

Cool video, looks like a sweet new style might be created.
Kinda like natural street (natural trials) instead of urban street(urban trials) but with some downhill (muni) in it… best way i can describe it…

Cool video, but I didn’t like the music.

I prefer lower quality as I have a 3GB download cap.

I’m up to 2.9GB this month already and I still have 8 days to go so no more uni vids this month :frowning:

THAT PLACE IS KICKIN! Ohh and I have been doin crankflips in muni for years, on a 24in as well…I really need to make a muni street vid to lol, I love to see someone else rockin it, hope to see you at moab, il be rockin some muni street like always, Il whip out some 180 flips and big spins in the mix for ya :smiley:

Dang, I would die with that. Tons of my downloads are over 10gigs for just one thing, and all the other stuff are around 1-3gigs.

Anyways, this video is pretty sweet. =p

Hmm, music isnt sitting well with everyone. I chose a French song, cause I thought it fit the vibe I was trying to express. As for the lyrics I figured they might not go over well. Ahh the beauty of being an ignorant American… haha.

I liked the the video (and the song). Keep doing what you do, man.

I thought the music fit well and the video was awesome.

I liked it and the music because it was DIFFERENT for a change! I like how you mixed in street stuff with the MUni.