Muni Story in LA Times on Monday 7/23

There will be a story on MUni in Los Angeles in the Health Section on Monday July 23, 2007. It will be available on line as well.

Pick up a paper if your around Los Angeles or check the online version.


no link… I’m dissapointed in you :frowning: just kidding :smiley:

Dunnn, tuh-Dahhhhh :wink:

I just got the link today from the writer. It’s a nice piece on MUni. I am gonna check out the hard copy on Monday, too. Sometimes there are different pix.


Is Jamey Mossegren from Redondo Beach? That’s what the article says, but I thought he was in Huntington beach, and recently moved there from out of state somewhere.

pretty schweet! :smiley:

nice going guys…