MUni spotting

Hey, did anyone else ever send Eli from Hamilton

(posts as Michaeli)

$20 last year for forthcoming shirts and get rooked?

I did

Thanks Eli

(Sofa: aware that sending money to a stranger is a gamble, but I felt fine risking $20)

I was going to, but he kept putting us off, so I just kept waiting :frowning:

I emailed him and was on the list. Got an email back but he never asked for money. I got the impression that it wasn’t a definite thing.
It’s a drag that you got stiffed. Is he still on the boards?

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Re: MUni spotting

The original MUni spotting T-shirt idea was from Phil in the UK. He
handled the European orders just fine. I’m wearing mine with pride.
Michaeli offered to print and distribute in North America to reduce
shipping costs; bummer that he apparently never did and even worse
that you paid for nothing. Ironically, his sig line read “michaeli -
Trust me… I know.”

Michaeli doesn’t post in RSU anymore. His email at the time was
<chiassew[at]mcmaster[dot]ca>, in case you might want to try and clear
things up.

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Re: Re: MUni spotting

Well, kindof. I had four made as a trial run to make sure they came out okay, which found owners. With the end of my course approaching I didn’t get any more made. Others who were interested have either forgotten about it or had their own printed; no-one has sent me money but not got a t-shirt.


This is the sanitised version; the others are at the bottom of

thats an awesome t-shirt. Does anyone think theyll be going on sale anywhere ever again.

Not in Hamilton!

I wouldn’t mind just having a poster of it for my room. That would rock. A tee would be nice too.


If anyone does find him, remind him of his bounced cheque/check he owes the Toronto Unicyclists for last years Toque games as well.


Perhaps a bit late, but I think it would sound/look better without the comma between the Profiles and cranks. Oh yeah, drop the “s” on the end of Profiles as well.


Re: MUni spotting

On Sun, 11 Jan 2004 22:54:59 -0600, daino149
<> wrote:

>Perhaps a bit late
Yes, do I have to cut a hole now?

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You have to keep in mind that those of us who post on RSU are not normal. - John Childs

Re: Re: MUni spotting

… if you don’t mind

But then it doesn’t “go” with the original as well… that little bit is supposed to be a short, punchy list; having another multisyllabic bit kinda spoils it, I think.

Imagine Ewan McGregor saying it, it works much better…


Re: Re: MUni spotting

Tipp-ex and permanent marker… :slight_smile:



This too I have to apologise for (if you’ve read my post in the “24” Bedford/Profile MUni for sale" thread), as much as an apology is good after a year.

Do I owe it to you, or Carl or the Toronto Unicyclists?

As I understand it’s the $40 fee plus a $19 service charge?

Guarenteed my reputation here is more than a little tarnished, but after a guy’s life falls apart, I hope there can be some acknowledgement of time needed to fix things up and of the effort on my behalf being spent now to straighten things out.


As for the shirts, all the layouts in Adobe Illustrator format are here:

I don’t even want to suggest that I might have enough trust of the people here to take up this project again. If someone else is interested in adopting it though, I’d be more than happy to send over any and all artwork and the list of people who were interested (I still have that Excel file somewhere).


Welcome back Eli!
It’s good to see you back on the boards. You still riding?

I hope someone will pick up this project, I’d like to have one of those shirts some day. All the better that now I actually have a MUni.


I could spearhead this is ya’ll would like? If someone else wants to do it…that’s cool also!


Take care of yourself first ! Don’t worry about it.

Whenever you are able to send the funds, make out the cheque to “Toronto Unicyclists”. You can send the cheque to: 71 Jasper Avenue Toronto ON M6N2N2

Take it easy,

Michaeli. You sound like a decent guy to me.