Muni spots in Ontario Canada

Hi everyone

i wanted to get in some good muni this august and was wondering if anyone knew of any good Muni spots in southern Ontario (GTA/Durham region)…

I was looking for some DH spots too (all the places around me seem to be xc which i find kind of boring unless its super technical).

The only good place i’ve found so far is Blue Mountain but its too far away and i don’t have all the gear (or the money to rent all the gear everytime) to ride there.

I have thought about trying to get into one of the closed down ski resorts (that don’t do anything in the summer) but i’m not sure.

anyone know any good places/have any ideas?


not a lot of DH specific around here if Blue Mountain is off your list :slight_smile:

Check out this page to find trails near you. remember they they are rated by mountain bikers…they may hate an awesome unicycling trail.

Yup, keep talking to mountain bikers and looking online. But trails that are great for mountain bikes are not necessarily favorites for unicycles. The trails we like, from a bicycle standpoint, tend to be short, and really hard. :slight_smile:

but certainly worth checking out :slight_smile:

cool thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue: i found one listed in my town but its a good 20 minute walk so maybe :stuck_out_tongue: i might just try the trails across the road again if i have time :stuck_out_tongue: i just gotta deal with a lot of dirt jumpers :confused:

There is a very steep hill there that ive always wanted to ride, but if you fall you or your uni or both end up in a river so :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, only way to know how a trail rides is to ride it!