Muni sponsorship request video

Hey as part of my request to i have put together this short muni video, it also shows a few of the clips i am going to put in my full video i promised ages back haha.

also if you are interested this is a video with some skating, longboarding and street unicycle riding which i am in. Riding is really shit though!

That was really cool. I like your style and the fast rolling drops.

Hahahaa, tights in the beefy guys basket! :smiley:

Not sure how UDC would take a sponsorship video with the language in the music you selected to go with your video. If I was them I’d have serious doubts about giving you any sponsorship.

I do like some of the riding, although there is not much in there what with the intro and mountain boarding thrown in.

Haha what was the thing you put in the old lady’s basket?

That was good, I laughed pretty hard. I’m 48 YO and I still can laugh at those pranks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Change the music…

Ha ha what song are you talking about thee snoop dog one? i think if want to promote them selves as a forward think company marketing to teens they will have to deal with odd swear word in songs. Its not directed at any1 in an offensive manner its just an expression of opinion. So no im not going to change it.

I liked the music, especially the reel big fish.