"Muni Speed: 7.5 mph" Newspaper Article

So after the California MUni Weekend we went up to San Francisco and we ate at this diner and grabbed a copy of the paper to read. And on the front page was this “Muni Speed: 7.5 mph”! Thought it was super funny and ironic! BTW-it was an article about their public transportation system and how it’s not very fast/good.

Liquor store for MUnicyclists!

There is also a liquor store in Venice Beach that I’ve seen several times called MUNI’S LIQUOR! Perfect, a liquor store made for mt unicyclers after a long hard day of riding!


Sorry, what was that about MUni? I was concentrating on filling in my application form to train to be a dentist.

And while we’re on the subject:

“Driver, 90, faces test after death.” Do you think he’ll pass?

Do you think he’s had too much Illy coffee?

haha rubbish paper :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahaha! :roll_eyes:

Do you think he’ll care? :slight_smile:

Scott Muni:

Muni Only lane, with a Coker rider in it.

That is SO great! :smiley:

im gonna feel like an idiot when you tell me, but what does muni stand for?

edit: nvm i got it. wikipedia to the rescue

Paul Muni. The original “Scarface”.


I googled Muni and found some ancient Muni pics.

And one in spirit of this thread: