Muni - So Cal Gang - 2004 - 2009

Was just getting my pics organized and pulled a few from the rides we’ve made together over the last five years. Man, these pics really bring back some fantastic memories of incredible times with great people. All my Muni friends are representing: Eyal A., Hans V., Jesse, Dennis, Josh, Morgan, Mango, Jake, Kris H., Phil, Don, Chris . . . We’ve had so much fun it’s should be illegal.










Great pictures, thanks for posting them

Oh god my heart jumped up into my mouth when I looked at some of those pictures. I’m excited to try this eventually, but also incredibly intimidated.

The only thing that seems illegal to me is the “juice” you and Hans share to keep shredding after so many years.

Legal or illegal, I gotta get my hands on some of that stuff!

Edit: Hans is my muni hero. I hope to be half as good as him at 50…

Nice pics. Half of me thinks I’d like to ride some of that stuff. The other half thinks I haven’t got the balls or the skill to do it. Spectacular shots.


What some people on the forum might not be aware of is that ‘vivalargo’ is not just a skilled unicyclist. He is also one of the most accomplished and well-known rock climbers on Earth.

I hope that once I’m no longer a ‘young dude’ that I might still be able to ride a unicycle at all, much less still be shredding like all the ‘chronologically gifted’ guys here.

And that terrain! I wish we had stuff like that to ride on here in Calgary!

BTW, Lots of really great pics there.

I miss those weekend carpools to Santa Barbara, and the ensuing bloodshed.

Great times, great friends, great trails. Thanks for the reminder, JL!

Ayayay! You Californians are Hardcore!

thx for the post :slight_smile:

We’re still waiting on those pics of New Mexico Muni DH action. Have at it, Doctor, and get back to us. "Bout time for a road trip for Josh, Morgan and I.


Thanks JL! that’s quite a collection of great pics!

holy crap, that pedal bite is probably the biggest ive ever seen, that must have stung like mad!

Thanks John, come up some time and ride!!


Whoa! Someone shrunk Hans’ muni! I told him not to put it in the drier after a wash…

Naaasty pedal rip


Josh and I are planning on coming up to SB soon. I’ll call you next week.

Remeber this line - you did it first, on Hummingbird.

As the world shrinks, Hans remains constant. Fitting, now that he carries the SBUni torch!

Ah good times! I’m going to make a solid bronze muni man sculpture…These pics are perfect reference material. Jon, I saw one of your books in an indoor rock climbing gym!