Muni Slovenia 2007

This is my first made video for my team. It’s from year 2007 and I don’t ride here… We expect new videos soon and more of them :slight_smile:

NICE! I liked it. =] I got a glimpse of the mountains you were riding in at 2:23. Wow…
What’s the music?

Yea i like that part to… We did this tour again this year there… The mountain is called Vrsic.
The music is Skillet-Comatose.

This is the picture of me this year… :smiley:

Ah, ka zamujam, ko ne vozim več :roll_eyes:

ja sam res… sej lahk spet začneš :wink:

Cool snow ride! Is that a 20" you’re on?
Nice like the lake at 2:38
The wall at 3:02 looked crazy high?

Nice job on the video. Thanks for showing us a bit of Slovenia!

Yea, that was 20’’ that HE was on… I don’t ride in this movie… :roll_eyes:
Thanks for the comments… :slight_smile: