Muni slide

You know how sometimes when riding something steep your wheel slips a little bit and it’s like, “whoa!” It can be a neat feeling, and can certainly look impressive if you manage to recover from it. So what if one rider decided to go out and slide on purpose?

that was sick, i dig!

now show me your teaser:D


I like. Even tho it was tiny.

Its fun when that happens

One small step?

Think of this thread as more of a place to expand the technique rather than the total fulfillment of it.

“Soooo tiny… I could do way better” <posts video>

This was my first experiment with the idea. I’ve got another location where I plan to try a longer slide. I also have a couple variations I want to try.

Yet I haven’t watched the vid but I had the same idea about slides. I have already tried them as a sort of breaking technique. I just turned the uni 90°, stepped to the ground with my back foot (after the 90° turn) and bent the knee of that foot so that I was sliding on the wheel and on one foot (In addition to that I used my maguras to stop the wheel). Maybe you understand what I mean :smiley: The downside of that is that it will only work on slippery surfaces.

I haven’t tried it again since then but I wanted to be able to at least slide about 1 metre before I come to a stop.


Slidin’ ???
It’s just grindin’ on rubber!!!
Try that on a rail and I’ll be impressed,hahhahaha…
Now to reality: Awenice +1…
Suggestion: Edit in next movie shots from different campoints!
Enjoyed the “toolcrash” too…:wink:

I said “I like” what more do you want :slight_smile:

cool i did that yesturday loads of fun

reminds me of Dan Heatons section in U2, when you slides back down the quarter pipe. I believe we came up with the name “peaches and cream”

or your sliding stop in defect, I think yours was my favorite section.:slight_smile:

im stealing your Muni Slide for my video by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried doing a longer slide but the way I went about it only served to discourage my initial enthusiasm.

So here’s another clip to sign off this thread:

peachy :slight_smile:
Theres a skate park near Science World that we do slides on… its a really steep wall.
We do them sideways like you do. I guess thats the natural/easy way, but its possible to do them in forwards… usually its a failed attempt to slow down while rolling a steep bit.

A video of you doing a longer slide. :slight_smile:

that was really cool :smiley: