I’m looking at buying a muni. I am just learning to uni, but look to ride in the woods near my home when talent catches up to enthusiasm!. Some 24 in uni’s state a “pedal to seat minimum” . Should this be the same as my inseam? If so, should I look at a 20 in. trials type? All 24’s seam to have a pedal to seat distance greater than my inseam.

Pant’s Inseam + distance to the sole of your shoe.

So: to get your leg length you measure crotch to the ground, with shoes, rather then just the inseam of your pants.

Maybe a standard 24” inch unicycle is within sight!

PS. I’m rather tall (6ft) so I might not be alot of help with other MUni options for shorter people.

A couple other things to think about…
When you ride, you won’t be riding on your heels as a typical inseam measurement is taken, with your feet flat on the floor. You ride with the balls of your feet on the pedals, giving you a bit more distance available. Also, shorter cranks will dramatically decrease the necessary leg length to operate said uni. I just measured my muni, and it seems that even with 152 mm cranks and a big thick kris holm seat, someone with an inseam as short as 24 inches could still ride with the seat set to minimum height. Perhaps the number given is so large because of length of the seatpost? It can be shortened easily by a pipe cutter or hacksaw and recessed as far as necessary until the saddle is flush with the seat collar of the frame.

P.S. I’m 5’7" with a 29" inseam, 24" uni is no problem. I’m pretty sure I could even hop on a stock coker with 150s and reach the pedals.

I also have a 29" inseam and ride a 28" sun. Had to cut an inch or two off of the top of the frame to get seat low enough (also had to shorten the seat post). A hack saw is all you may need. Works fine.