MUni size

I’m contemplating getting a MUni but I’m not sure what size
24", 26", 29"
i think the 29 is a little too xc for me,
i plan on doing some up hills but mostly single track and down hills
and i want something fairly strong and can easily roll over bumps (im sure anythings better than a 20")

if theres already a thread about this i couldnt find it and if you could point me in the right direction that would be great


Are you going to be doing downhill bike tracks for example, (single track, drops and maybe some northshore sort of stuff) or more the kind of thing that maybe you would ride a normal xc bike down?

I am a big fan of the 26" size. It is very versatile. It rolls better than a 24 and generally can take more abuse than a 29. If you want to roll like a tank over any bumps that are in your way a 26 with a 3" wide tire is the unicycle for you.

I have a 19" trials, 20" freestyle, 24" Muni, 26" MUni and a 36er. The 36er and the 26" MUni by far get the most use.

thanks saskatchewanian thats exactly what i wanted to know

I own a 26" and a 24", and I don’t think there’s any reason to buy a 26" at this point. You’re adding more weight for virtually no speed advantage. Go with a solid 24" MUni or a lightweight 29er XC; that’s what’s available on the market, anyway. The Yuni 26" is more expensive, a lot heavier, and not as good a unicycle as the KH 24".

What are the disadvantages of a 29"?

Which trails are you planning to ride in the South Bay? (I assume you mean the San Jose area.) In my experience, most of the trails in the Bay Area are much more fun on a 29er. I’ve ridden my KH29 many times on the steep downhills near UCSC, and it works great as long as I don’t do any drops bigger than 18". The tire size you choose has more to do with how big of drops you intend to ride than the types of trails, e.g., singletrack, uphill, downhill, etc.

If you prefer to focus on rolling and covering distance, then definitely go with the 29er. If you’d rather stop and jump off of every possible drop, get the 24.

A 29" is less controllable and more fragile than a 24". A 24" is also closer to the ground and slower, which reduces your failure consequences. For extremely technical stuff or anything involving big drops, a 29" is not ideal. But for easy or lightly technical stuff, a 29" is more fun than a 24".

Thanks, I think I’ll buy a cheap 29" off rode tyre and some 170mm cranks for my cheap road unicycle. Then I’ll pretty much have a muni for only $300 NZ. I’m gonna be pretty easy on it, no drops or anything, cause I’m sure the hub isn’t too strong.

I couldn’t say it better!

Also I feel better control on a 24" than a 26" on bumpy trails that reach my technical abilities. Which is quite often.

What 29" unicycle are you looking at?

By the way based on what you said you wanted to do, you are making the right choice going for the 29er.

actually im further south than san jose im in Hollister, im planning to ride in santa cruz and gilroy (henry coe park) mostly i dont really know of any other places.

they are both good choices

Maybe 170 mm cranks aren’t such a great idea on a square hub 29. 150’s should be fine, and put less snap off twist on your hub.

that is why man invented ISIS

Um… this :roll_eyes:

I’ll buy 170mm cranks (it has 125mm ATM) for $40 and an off road tyre for $50.

But seriously, I’m gonna be super easy on it, I’ll just be riding easy tracks. It’s just for cruising off road really. I do live by the hills though so I think I’ll get a decent 24" ISIS muni for serious muni when I have enough money.