Muni size

I’m going on a muni ride, I have a 24" muni and a 20" with a 3" wide tire, which do you think is the best choice to take??

Re: Muni size

The 24" is the best choice to take.

20" with a 3" wide tire?? where’d you get that one?
but either way, a 24" is definitely your best choice for MUni.

i think i read in another thread that your 24" “muni” was a nimbus x (which is a freestyle)

now i may be mistaken, but if that’s the case and the ride is rocky, take the trials, but if the trail is smooth, then take the 24
if the 24" is indeed a muni w/ a fat tire, preferably 3" but anything above 2 will do, then take it no matter what the trail is like

You don’t understand; the decision has been made. It has been foreseen.