Muni size that please

Hey there,
I’ve finally decided to stop killing myself on my 20" trials ride, but i can’t decide what to build, a 24" or a 26", i hope to put a gazzoledi (how ever you spell it) x 3.0, what ever happened to the 29er frame and this frame?


Can someone help me identify this uni?
I’m thinking its just a norco (trials)/ Nimbus 1/ rogue 20"/united frame painted black.

The second frame you listed was my old unicycle. That was in the days of the “Black Panther.” The frame was spray painted black, but later down the road had the paint stripped off and was powdercoated red. It was a 24" United frame with a Monty wheel set.

How are you planning on riding this new muni? Do you want to jump around with it and ride it hard doing jumps and drops? Do you want to do XC type trail rides where you are going out for speed, distance or just cruising the trail?

The first frames you asked about are mine. So far I’ve made six of them. Four are built up into complete MUni’s: one was auctioned at UNICON and I don’t know where it ended up. Another is in Seattle being ridden into the ocean regularly (it’s aluminum and stainless steel - won’t rust) and the other two are being thrashed locally, on kind of a permanent loan to a couple guys. I have two naked frames - one of which will become my personal MUni and the other to become ?

You also asked about a 29er. I’ve been riding mine exclusively for a couple months and love it! It has long cranks to make it more off-road worthy and I don’t hesitate to take it in the dirt any time I can. It’s really good for gravel and dirt roads, fairly smooth trails and the street. But for steep and/or technical stuff it’s no substitute for a 24 x 3.0 tire. What everyone needs is BOTH a 29er and a 24 x 3.0!

Steve Howard

Here’s a photo of the two remaining frames:


ya thinkin’ of makin anymore???

i’m looking for a kinda steep/ muddy/ rocky/ slippey/ droppy/ kinda municycle


is the 29er in production?,

hmmm with a 24 inch i might be able to do trials too… what would kris do?

Then you want a 24x3 muni. You don’t want to be doing a lot of droppy stuff on a 29" unicycle bacuase the wheel will taco. A 29er is for XC style trail riding with no freeride stuff mixed in.

The 24x3 is a good all-round muni for aggressive style riding. The smaller 24" wheel is stronger than the 26" or 700c rims. You’re much less likely to taco a 24" wheel than the bigger wheels. The smaller wheel also gives you more control and more maneuverability when doing steep / muddy / rocky / slippery stuff.

If you’re thinking of doing any kind of trials stuff on the muni the 24x3 is the best choice. It’s good for jumping with and droppign with.


Greg H. shared with me in an email that your auctioned uni was won by Keith Williamson of the Arizuni Unicycle Club.


I really like those custom frames you are making, any chance that you are going to sell them? And for how much? I would be interested in more details. Could you please email me the latest specs and cost of your newest design at --ssg 7108 at rit dot edu–.