muni shoes for narrow/low-volume feet

I would like to buy the 5.10 high impact shoes for muni but I have very narrow and low volume feet. Unfortunately, the 5.10’s only come

in a D width. Since I have a lot of difficulty finding shoes that fit I am reluctant to order shoes online. I am considering a non-

leather high-top day hiker since that would give me good ankle support but I’m wondering what kind of soles I should get. Hard rubber or

soft rubber? Pronounced tread or as little tread as possible? At the end of the day I’m not sure how much flexibilty I will have since

I have to buy what fits. Any suggestions other than a day-hiker are welcome but I do want to get high-tops for the ankle support.


I’ve heard silicone injections work wonders for people with low-volume features.

Have you tried any on? I wonder how the impact’s fit. I have a pair of five.ten mountain masters that I sized 1/2 size small and they fit really well. I have a “B” width, and also fairly low volume (I have to re-stitch Velcro on my sandal straps in order to get them snug enough).

I don’t know if their shoes have any consistency in sizing across the range, but if so it might do you well to try some on and see if they are really as wide as advertised.

I have narrow feet too. I bought some 5.10’s but they’re so wide that my heels hit the fork because I also pronate. So what I do is wear “recreational” mountain biking shoes, the kind that you use with clipless pedals (but not the hardcore ones, these are more like shoes). I’ve been really happy with this setup for xc muni. I’ve also talked to a shoe re-soling company (The Rubber Room in Bishop, CA) and asked if they could put 5.10 rubber on these shoes. They can do it! These guys specialize in resoling climbing and hiking shoes, and they’re real familiar with 5.10 rubber, because 5.10 has been one of the most popular manufacturers of rock climbing shoes for many years. I’ll let the community know how they turn out.

Five Ten makes a bunch of sticky soled shoes, order from Zappos and you get free shipping and free returns, then just get a variety and try them all on. I found the Five Ten guide to run fairly narrow. You can also use a thick insole or inserts to take up volume.

That’s good to know. However, I was hoping to get high tops for ankle protection (in addition to some type of ankle support). It seems that the High Impact shoe is the only one with stealth rubber in a high top.

I’m curious to know how much it cost you. This would certainly give me a lot more flexibility if the cost wasn’t too prohibitive.

If you are interested in a soft rubber sole then check out other companies approach shoes. Shoes like the Lasportiva spotter, the scarpa zen, five ten tenny, all these shoes are meant to fit more narrow so they might work better. Check out other approach shoes though as they are generally meant to fit much more snug.

They quoted me $40.