Muni Setups Gallery

Post your MUni setups! Picture(s) and a description of the parts would be great. Or, if it’s totally stock, just say so. The weather is getting worse, at least around here, so it’d be good to have something to look at and be jealous of while listening to the rain. :slight_smile:

My MUni:

Pete Perron Wheelbuild
UDC Wide Hub (Will be KH Moment after Christmas! :sunglasses: )
165mm Bike Cranks
Alex DX32 Rim
Duro Wildlife Leopard 3"
Yuni Frame
Nimbus 2-bolt Seatpost Clamp
KH Seat
Odyssey pedals

Two pictures are first of the day I put it together, and second right after a 2’ drop at Tom Blackwood’s Ride and Feed 2006. Both are missing my new seatpost clamp.

KH Fusion Seat Cover
Bell Fusion (from Walmart) Gel Pad
Cut Down KH Foam
Scott Wallis Derail Seat Base
Reeder Handle
Custom Brake Mount
22.7mm Primo Seat Post
Magura HS33 Brake
Rowing Blizzard Frame
KH/Onza Hub Crank set with 165mm
DT Swiss Spokes
Surly Large Marge Rim
3" x 24" Intense DH Tire
Snafu Pedals

Havn’t made pictures yet, and I’m too busy to make 'em anytime soon.


KH carbonfibre/gel saddle with KH Street Fusion cover (black)
CrMo 300mm seatpost (black)
Koxx 27.2mm seatpost clamp (black)
KH 2005 alu frame (blue)
Onza ISIS splined hub (black)
KH ISIS splined moment cranks (chrome-ish)
DT Champion 232mm spokes (black)
KH 2007 Freeride rim (black)
Standard 24x3" tube (black)
Duro Wildlife 24x3" tire (black with some brown)

I started listing colors at seatpost and clamp then I thought “Feck it” and wrote all the fancy colors down… The wheelset arrived yesterday so that’s all new.



#l is a stock 2007 KH 24 w/ 3" Gazz, mojosaurus rex mojo
#2 “Marge”
26" Surly Conundrum
Profile hub/175 cranks
Large Marge rim laced with 14 guage DT swiss(LBS build)
3.7 Endomorf tire 30tpi
Thopmson seat post
KH Fusion seat, stock
Flames (mojo)

Forgot the photo:

frame: GB4 custom frame(originally used by the man himself) powder coated red and fairly tall necked.
seatpost: 22.2 GB4 universal
seat: air seat with roach cover, gb4/reeder handle, gb4 stiffener plate
hub/cranks: new profiles, black hub, silver cranks, 165mm
rim: KH 24 inch
spokes: DT 14g
tire: Duro leopard 24x3
tube: downhill heavy duty tube 24x3
pedals: snafu loose ball, black

pics later.

new KH freeride seat
Yuni frame
24" Sun Doublewide rim
06 KH hub/cranks
Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals
24" x 3" IRC Kujo DH tire

eh… I’m just rockin’ a stock Torker DX right now.

Except for Primo pedals and a cut down seat…

Modified SH aluminum frame with a steel crown and seat tube that I fabricated
Magura HS 33 brakes
Gazz 3.0 tire
Alex DX 32 rim
KH saddle
150 mm Nimbus X cranks
Kore pedals


Is that an Odyssey seatclamp?

With a bolt and nut assembly?

If it is, I have the same one on my BMX, I think it’s the nicest looking clamp I’ve ever seen.

Post a closeup picture?

That’s the exact same as what I have!

Except I just bought my brake so I haven’t put it on yet.

Trick looking frame. Who’s SH?

Edit: Mine is a Dx w/ KH air saddle, Primo pedals, pedal protectors, Qu-Ax 170mm cranks, and preasantly a Specialized ramp tire.

SH = Steve Howard, a visionary.

edit: Phil, that’s kick-a&& ride!

Does he sell frames/complete unis? How much are they about?

I don’t believe he is making frames any longer. I contacted him several times trying to get him to build one for me before I got this used one from another member on the forum. His frames were a work of art, but had a “weak link” at the crown/legs interface. They were prone to having problems with stripped threads where the legs bolted to the aluminum crown. That was the reason I fabricated a new crown assembly out of steel to remedy the problem. The combination of the steel crown with aluminum legs has really held up well.

Borgschulze, the seatpost clamp is a clone of the Odyssey :slight_smile:

Nice, I was going to get a Primo Viking clamp, but I seen the Odyssey one and said, “Holy shit, I want that!”

KH freeride seat-black
GB4 seat post
Primo double bolt seat clamp-silver
Bedford frame-chrome
165mm KH Moment hub and cranks
24" Alex dx 32 rim
Duro 24*3 tire
Primo Super Tenderizer Pedals-blue
blue dice cap

really sweet set up, haven’t yet gone for a “true ride” on it yet but that should change Saturday:D

Stock KH from 2004 with added rail adapter (not in this picture) and v8 pedals

It’s crazy how old and plain those cranks look, yet I’m reminded that was only made two years ago! I can’t wait to get my Moments… :sunglasses: