Muni Set Up


I’ve gotten several PM’s over the last months about what rig we’re running on the So Cal trails. The short answer is: till recently, mostly various Profile/KH combos. But the rig of choice is constantly evolving and currently it looks something like this (not saying this is the “best,” if such a thing actually exists, rather the following is what we’ve found to work well in So Cal):

Seat: Scott Wallis. Carbon fiber seat base, rear bumper, ergonomic hand grip (for both left and right-handers). Super stiff–no flex when jumping. “Hard” bladder airseat (much more comfortable and drop-absorbent over the long haul). Custom stitched leather cover with cut-out to relieve pressure on male plumbing along with rounded sidewalls on the seat to reduce chaffing. Also, a brake handle mount screws into the bottom of the seat, putting (along with Scott’s custom carbon fiber brake handle) the handle in perfect position under the fingers.

Scott’s worked out all the details on this seat, including a resin compound that is strong as God and almost bust proof. Pricey, but a masterpiece of construction. Nothing comes close if you ask those who have one. Demand is great, so you have to get in line.

Seat Post: Thompson. Expensive, but they never break (but the bolts do) so you only need to buy one in a lifetime. Find them cheap on Ebay.

Seat Post Clamp: Salsa. Gotta have a quick-release for on-the-fly seat adjustment. Nice to have the seat low for natural trials and grim rolling/tractoring and big drops, but the low position burns your legs out so when the going eases up, raise the seat and save your legs–simple with the Salsa. Keep the mechanism greased and it won’t wear out for ages. The tightening bolt might have to be replaced periodically.

Frame: KH 24 alloy. At 150 bucks from Bedford, it’s not only the best frame out there but basically the only high end unit on the market, now that Wilder quit the Muni business. Light, strong, durable and stable. The second generation (‘06) model worked the bugs out. Pretty much the ideal frame.

Brake: Magura hydraulic. Get the steel braided model if you’re going to be on the rocks much. Expensive, but often found at bargain price on Ebay. Keep an 8mm wrench handy to tighten the fittings, which otherwise tend to work loose and leak. The tech guy at Magura USA said they (or someone) are considering building a Muni brake unit, with super strong fittings and connections, which are usually the first to go. Get a 30 dollar bleed kit.

Wheelset: Go with the new KH Isis hub and crank arms (solid aluminum–bomber) and lace it up to a Surly Large Marge rim. The LM rim ain’t cheap ($89 from Alfred E. Bike) or super light, but no one who has ever gone with the LM rim has ever considered going back. Deadens big drop rebound and eats the rocks alive. Use 14 gauge spokes for an Uber-strong build.

Tire: On the LM rim a Gaz is too much tire, and on the wide rim, the boxy Gaz profile is accentuated making turning harder. Go with the much cheaper, rounder, more nimble Duro Leopard for anything but sand and snow.

Tube: Specialized 3 X 24 inch DH tube. Lighter than the standard DH tubes.

Pedals: Cheap version: Azonic magnesium DH platforms. Light, wide platform and good pin array. Some web sites sell these for as little as 25 bucks–a steal. My recent favorites are the Speedplay Drilled Platform models. Way too expensive ($109) but I like the thin profile, oversized platform (easy on the feet during big drops) and grippy pin array.

If you root around you can build this rig, all in, for around $1,000. Not cheap, but a pittance compared to what DH bikers pay for a rig to ride the same trails. That much said, an off-the-shelf ‘06 KH 24, with Magura brake, only runs about 700 bucks, shipped, and will get you down the same trails. But once you settle into the Wallis seat and roll the Large Marge rim for a ride or two, nothing else will do. These upgrades add another 450 bucks to the fandango, which sounds ludicrous, but if you gotta have this gear, you gotta have it.


I think this Rowing frame fits the bill on the “best equipment” list. Pete Perron brazed on an extra set of brake mounts so it works well without bolt on extenders with the LM rim. Had to go with the Primo 'cause of the 22.7mm post.

And yet you use kh 05 cranks? Thats like a literider frame on a cotterless wheel.


That frame looks bomber. Phil, one of the SB riders, runs a Hunter of similar design, and he swears by it. No flex and totally bust-proof.


great right up John! thanks for taking the time to outline this. Now…I just need to get a new frame, brake, wheel and tire! :wink:


Thats good info, John. It’s nice of you to take the time to share it with everyone. :slight_smile:

man those rowing frames look sexy.

Nice equipment rundown, vivalargo. How’s the ankle?

What would be your choice of tyre be for 24" MUni with a smaller rim, like the 42mm KH freeride?

For mainly riding dirt and mud.

I’ve tried the gazz and the duro wildlife.
I found the gazz to be a lot harder to controll, but had great traction in really muggy conditions.

Has anyone had much experience with riding narrower nokian gazz tyres?
Do they make a 2.7?

I love the huge amount of traction the 3.0 gazz has, i just dont like the slugishness of it.

they make a 2.6"

On the subject of skinny tires, i LOVE my 2.6 kenaclaw. Iv considered running a 2.1 or something, it would be so manuverable.

At my local MTB trail there is a hill that was too steep for too long for me to do with a Duro Leopard tire though I tried many times. I don’t have brakes and every time I got near stalling the tire would lose traction and I could never recover (allowing more tire movement always resulted in uncontrollable speed). The first dozen times I tried it with the IRC Kujo DH 24x3 I had success each and every time. Yes riding on pavement it is sluggish with its large footprint, but I have never wished for more turning ability on it off-road and can even do angled turns without the tire folding on me thanks to the pinch flat resistant sidewalls. The picture below is the downhill and another rider giving it a gallant go with a 26x3 Gazz…

Big Stupid.jpg