MUni session in my new backyard with UCC


I’ve been out testing Terry “Unigeezer” Peterson’s cable cam idea in my local muni terrain. I used a pretty low budget Kodak Playsport camera for everything since I don’t have anything better yet. But I think I got some pretty nice footage within one afternoon of filming. It took many tries to get the speed of the cam in sync with my riding, though.
And I should get one of those magnetic fish-eye lenses for it. Anybody out there using a playsport or similar cam with fish-eye lens?

Anyways, I had loads of fun filming and riding!
The cable cam action starts about in the middle of the film if you find the uphill too boring;-)
Cheers, I hope you’ll like it.

Nice job with the ucc! I’m happy that more people are building their own and giving it a go! I also saw you give a quickie “peace sign”, haha! :smiley:

Actually I think I even gave two peace signs. At least I didn’t copy your outfit…


Nice shots with UCC :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

That was well done. By the way your back yard has a lot of weeds that need attending to :smiley:

Very Cool!!!

That was some pretty good filming. I liked the scenery as well from the top – the view of the rolling hills and green pastures. You’re lucky to ride there.

Thanks guys!

I do consider myself lucky to have such great muni terrain available here. There are many fantastic trails around here. It’s pretty nice for geared cokering as well, which I did today.