MUni Segment on Canadian TV


Last fall I was filmed by a crew for a segment in a weekly TV show called
‘My Escape’, which airs tomorrow and a couple times after that too. My
Escape ‘profiles some of the hobbies and interests of men and women of the
baby boom generation’. While I question my qualification, the show seems
interesting (I saw one episode where a lady collected dried up apple head
dolls). I was told the show profiles 3 different types of people … doers,
leaders and collectors. I was apparently a doer.

I was out riding with the crew for 3 - 4 hours one fall morning at Kelso
Conservation Area here in Ontario (site of the 2001 MUni events).

‘My Escape’ airs …
Thursday April 4 at 7:30pm EST
Friday April 5 at 7:00am EST
Saturday April 6 at 11:30pm EST
… on Global PRIME (which I believe is only available in Canada and you
won’t get it if you have basic cable)

My segment will be between 4 - 7 minutes long and include an interview.
Should be funny to watch, so make sure you’re home and in front of the
tube! :slight_smile:


can sombody please tape this an put it in the gallery,like that add(thanx john)

Excellent segment dude! That must have been about 7 or 8 minuets.
Congratulations for making it to TV!

Mr. Giggles

Excellent show. I like to see ‘crazy things’ on TV that I’m actually able to do! (or hope to actually accomplish in my lifetime)