Muni saddle question? Am I fooling myself

to think I’ll get very far with the present saddle that I’ve got. I got my first muni about a couple weeks back. A Semcycle XLW 24" with Kollasal(sp?). Seems like a solid rig. Certainly good enough for now. It came with a Viscount saddle thats quite nice but has no handle. My riding is progressing. Riding easy trails and starting to be able to climb and decend small stuff. Should I just get it over with and swap out my saddle with like say a Kris Kolm model?

If you can afford it, then go for it. The KH seat is the best saddle I have ever tried. Apparently there could be different (improved) models in the future so its up to you if you want to wait. The handle is excellent in my opinion, having never tried any other handle. The way the seat is bolted on does not seem ideal, and some have problems with it. Apparently it is best with a rail adaptation on it.

Hey Loafr,

Glad to see someone in Maine doing Muni! I grew up there.

When you are ready, check out Bradbury Mountain in Pownal. Really good trails there for Muni.

If you attempt much hopping with the Viscount, you will quickly destroy your hand and wrist. The KH seat has gotten a lot of good reviews here, though the handle has some issues (you can read all about it here if you search for a thread on KH seat).

If you want to go all the way and spend a few hundred on the best, get an airseat with a carbon fiber seat plate and a decent handle.


All my unis except one have Viscount saddles. The other has a Velo saddle, which, if, I’ve understood correctly, is pretty similar to the KH saddle.

I prefer the Viscounts.

Only one saddle has a handle fitted - a tubular metal handle from

I was initially sceptical about handles. If you are not confident riding substantial distances on rough ground with one hand ‘fixed’ to the front of your saddle, you’re not ready for a handle. A handle only helps when you can use it, and you can only use it when you are confident that you don’t need to use both arms for balance on the rough bits.

Now that I have a handle (on the Coker) and I’ve got used to it, I find it makes a substantial difference to control and power. It is better than simply grabbing the front of the seat.

That said, you can do a LOT of MUni without holding the seat at all, or only holding it on the steep descents. I have never hurt my hand when holding the Viscount saddle.

If you’re not sure, perhaps you’re not ready to commit yourself to a purchase yet.

If you wanted to keep using the viscount seat one option would be to get a handle such as ours that are universally usuable on standard seatposts, such as the one you have. we custom make each one for any seat (currently only 22.2mm seatposts) and can be made for either hand, or a T handle for both hands if desired. advantages of this kind of thing is that it puts stress on the seatpost, not the seat. this also makes them easy to install and adjust without modifying your seat. $45 plus shipping, sorry for the shameless plug but my dad told me too, so these are his ideas. but It does work well for us, and that’s why he wants to.


Or you could drill holes in your Viscount base to mount a Reeder handle. That’s what I did and I’m very happy with it.

The handles that Max’s dad makes are great too. Max is an epuipment destyoyer and they hold up for him. Plus, they work with any saddle.

cheers… Mojoe