muni routes
has anyone ridden any othese routes?
i plan to do The Black Mountains (Brecon Beacons) on my 24 inch muni
any advice appreciated

I guess you’ve read the description on here -
looks like a good one.

It’s a very big ride, in a rocky area with an awful lot of climbing (1.5x the height of Snowdon), I’d expect it to take something like 8 hours or so easily, so start early.

I’ve ridden bits of quantocks route linked, and can totally recommend that, very unicycle friendly, tight technical singletracks. Malverns are quite fun too.

I think Phil Himsworth said something about the black mountains route, but I’m not sure if he did it on bike or uni, probably bike. He’d also know about Quantocks and Malvern routes, cos he used to live at the bottom of the Quantocks, and now lives at the top of the hill in Malvern.

By the way, if you like long muni rides and rocks, you should come to the peak district and come riding with some of us midland/northern people at some point, there are some awesome long rides up there that are just great descents and challenging climbs all the way round.


muni routes

i plan to train on the malvern hills ,bredon hill and oversley wood near me , i havent got a date set yet but will be spring /summer time for black mountains .
thanks for the invite to ride with you ,
i would really enjoy unicycling with a group, i currently only ride with one other muni rider