[Muni] Rollin' Down (complete version)

So finally here is the full version. I re-edited the first part.

I just enjoyed a muni video.
that never normally happens :smiley:
nice riding, loved the intro :slight_smile:

nice video, fast paced i like it. lots of camera work went into it i see.

nice job!

enjoyed that, wicked video man!

i think i’d like to see you rock a 26’er on those trails. probably suit you a little better wit your style, just my 2 cents.

nice vid, keep’em comin.


Awesome vid, looks really solidly made with everything

Great video !!! Fast paced, with loads of actions. FtW… you’re starting to set quite a high bar for MUni videos. Well done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate that.

That’s cool, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, lots of camera repositioning went into this one. At the current temperatures this was quite exhausting :wink:

It’s funny you mention that because I have just ordered a new 26" rim for downhill riding.

Thanks, I am glad you like it.

I don’t think my editing skills are that good but with different camera angles you may be right (at least when it comes to filming MUni when riding alone) :wink:

That was great. You were really cruisin’.

Thumbs up! Great video. :smiley:

That was VERY NICE. Terrific editing and I liked the song. Worked well on the first cuts…