muni rim/alex dx32 or kh

I know that there was a thread about this not too long ago but for some reason my computer closes firefox when I look into previous threads so don’t yell at me. :angry: but I was thinking about the kh 24’’ rim vs. the alex dx32. and wondering if it would be worth switching over. Is the kh lighter, stronger, wider or better in any other way?

Ps: I’ll be putting this on my 24’’ dx.

also I’m wondering if the kh is a double or triple walled rim.

the (new) KH rim is much better in my opinion.

its alot wider = super duper good

its comparable is strength = good

it fairly cheap = good

it looks good = cool

its made by KHU = good.

I wouldn’t go through the trouble of getting your wheel relaced just for a new KH rim. In my opinion it’s not worth the trouble for a rim that is as good as, or maybe just a tinsy bit better.

yeah, but lacing wheels is a good skill to have, and wide rims are so much better its crazy.

also, you could get the new KH hub and crankset while your at it, but im not sure if you want to.

nah that would be silly for me. I’m fine with my hub and crankset that I have now.

Definitely…It’s not worth it at all. My alex dx has worked very well for me. I’ve done many massive drops with no rollout and landed wrong on rolling hop spins and it’s not out of true at all. I’d say keep the rim until it’s so beat up that it’s unrideable, which will probably be a very long time.

The 24" dx is just a very very heavy uni, and adding a lighter rim really won’t do much for it. It’s still gonna be very heavy.

I have an alex dx32 rim on my 26". It’s held up to countless 6ft. drops. Its just as good as my “old” KH rim. If I had a choice between the KH or the Alex I would get the KH, but to get a KH when your rim is still good, then that’s stupid and a waste of money.

if you’ve got the alex DX32
then stick to it. The KH rim is great wider and all, but unless you REALLY want a wider rim then dont bother.

Personally unless your gona cahnge your wheelset completely dont bother.