Muni riding west of Boston

Does anyone have muni riding location suggestions west of Boston – meaning between the 128/95 and 495 belts?

I have tried Lynn Woods and Blue Hill to date and am looking for additional locations that are a bit closer to me.

Great Brook Farms is in Carlisle, MA. I’ve biked on the trails there once and there’s a pretty good variety of wide doubletrack and singletrack.

Also, the NEMBA site has a list of trails in MA:

Lots of Places in Ma inside 495

Callahan State Park in Framingham/ Southborough has some nice stuff too. Southboro side ( by the Marlborough airport) is more technical. You could also look at Harold Parker in North Andover or The Fells in Winchester/ Stoneham. More than this even, just some suggestions:)

Where are you David P.

Where are you in Mass. David P. ?

Thanks. will try Great Brook. Still searching for some stuff with good hills, techie, etc. like Lynn Woods. Plan to try Callahan State Park in Framingham tomorrow for a change.

Jeff – we cross posted! You read my mind – Callahan tomorrow. Plan to go to Mt. Snow on Sat. if there’s hope of sunshine – I got brakes…

I’m in Lowell.

Harold Parker UNI ride over July 4th weekend?

Heading on vaca to NB Canada for a week, but happy Set up at Harold Parker ride or else wherewhen I get back.

That’s if you wanted to ride with others:)

Thanks for the offer. I’m just learning to ride (this is my 2nd week) and I think it’ll be some time before I’m ready to leave my driveway much less ride trails. :o