MUni riding – Eastern Kentucky - weekend of April 23-25

MUni riding – Eastern Kentucky - weekend of April 23-25

Chirokid and I will be getting together to MUni in eastern Kentucky for the weekend of April 23–25, 2004. We will be camping at Zilpo Recreation Area, in Morehead District of Daniel Boone National Forest. We are planning on riding all day Friday and Saturday, and during the first part of the day on Sunday. Chirokid will probably be riding a little on Thursday afternoon.

We are posting this to invite anyone who would like to join us for this weekend. This is not an organized event, it’s just the two of us getting together and we would be happy if anyone wanted to join us. Neither one of us has been at this campground, it has been chosen because it is close to trails that we think will be good for riding and the campground has showers. We have not ridden in this area but are doing research via internet and mountain bikers from the area to determine the best trails for riding. Here are a few links for the campground and trails we are probably going to ride.

Zilpo Recreation Area
Clear Creek - Iron Furnace
Cave Run ride with Shiggy (I have no idea who Shiggy is!)
Map of Morehead District, Daniel Boone National Forest
Trails on Morehead District, Daniel Boone National Forest

If any MUni riders know about this area, we’d love to hear a MUni rider’s perspective on these trails.

After we do a little more research and make camping reservations, we will post the campsite number where we will be staying at Zilpo. If you want to join us, you can reserve a campsite in the same area.

If you are interested in joining us, reply to this thread.


Bill, I wish this ride was tomorrow. We are going to have a great time. So, how many of you are going to mark your calenders and join us? April 23-25th will be here before you know it.

I’ll also have the SuperSHJag29er with me, available for test rides! :smiley: --chirokid–

As my luck would have it, I have a four day weekend the very next weekend!! I was hoping to be ble to make it. Maybe I can get together with some of you another time in the near future. Is this near the city of Morehead, KY?

Bugman, the ride is three months way. That should be plenty of time to trade long weekends with someone. Shucks, for fun with me, Billham and Muni’s, you should offer to work every single weekend between then and now. You need to get your priorities in order.

And yes, Zilpo is just South of Morehead, KY. Bugman needs to be there! --chirokid–


You’re the one who set me up with the DVD of Under No Influence. Thanks again for getting that to me. It’s a great DVD and I’m glad I’ve got it.

You need to join us for the weekend so I can meet you in person and explore the wilds of Kentucky with you.


Make sure you tell that to Keith! He apparently hasn’t been able to watch it yet.

As for the time off, it may or may not be possible. I had originally requested off the beginning of the month for a kayaking trip, and for some reason didn’t get that. I only realized that after trying to figure out why I had 4 days off that weekend. Tough to schedule time off when you have a small company and very little extra employees. The other problem is people actually expect us to be there during business hours.