Muni riders Victoria (Melbourne area)

Straight up, I cannot make any of the planned Sunday rides in Melbourne.

I am looking for anyone interested on hitting the ole dusty trail. I live in the western suburbs and through the wonders of electric people trains, am able to travel.

I have not ridden for about six months and have no idea where to ride muni around melbourne area.

My availability varies due to commitments but if you are interested let me know.

I can only squeeze so much excitment out of the medium sized gravel patch in-between my house an the train station.

Thanks ten whole bunches of single thank you’s,

(also interested in climbing)

If you live in the western suburbs the You Yangs are not too far away. Another good spot is around the Yarra Bend trails (along the Yarra River).

I went out to the You Yangs yesterday and had a blast on the trails. I hope to go back in a week’s time. Are you on Facebook? We have a Melbourne muni group. PM me your fb details and I will add you.

Climbing is best done at Mt Arapiles, otherwise there are indoor climbing gyms around Melbourne.

I am keen to muni around Melb too. I am still a bit of a noob tho. You Yangs and Wombat are my favourite trails. MT High can you add me to the Facebook group too please? My facebook email is

cheers. Tim

On ga
facebook I am. Pm’d you all good and proper.

Hey tim, if you want to ride sometime let me know, I will facebook add you something fierce.