MUni riders near Denver, CO

I’m going to be in Denver next week for a conference, and I’m staying over until Saturday in hopes of getting in a MUni ride. Are there any Denver-area MUni guys who would be able to point me at a good set of trails not too far from the city?

Now I know I met some Coloradans at Moab; I know Telluride isn’t Denver, but someone has to know the good MUni scene there…anyone?

telluride is way far away from denver. I live in the springs just an hour south from denver along with 16 other riders. we actually found 3 more riders too. my freinds and i would love to go with a ride with you if your willing to drive to the springs, and the trails are alot better here anyway. so shoot me a pm if your interested.

Hi Tom;

Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier, I haven’t been checking much lately. We are up in Boulder (30 min from Denver) and can probably get a ride together that Saturday (lot’s of trails to choose from). Send me a PM if you interested.

Unfortunately I’m getting a vasectomy this weekend (or, fortunately, depending on how you look at it :smiley: ). I do know of a few good trails right near the city of Denver, though, PM me if you want directions or descriptions. Too bad I can’t catch a ride with you!