MUni Riders in Riverside, CA?????

Anybody riding out in Riverside? I am looking for someone to ride with.


What kind of trails do you have out there? Have you tried any of these? It must be crazy hot out there this time of year, and I can’t imagine riding between 10am-4pm! :astonished:

I have munied in Sycamore Canyon a few time and have mtb there for years. When the temps drop I would be happy to drive out and ride. Here is the geoladders route location if you are not familiar with the area.

Fantastic!!! Thanks for the links. I don’t mountain bike so i didn’t even know these trails were right near my house. Going to try it out this weekend. :slight_smile:


Hi taylor, I am in Corona.
You can email me, we can ride when it gets cooler in the winter.
It’s sooo hot right now averaging 100 degrees everyday…:frowning:


damn it!

i thought you were asking for the riverside in tasmania :frowning:

I live in the high desert, but I spend a great deal of time in Corona and the riverside areas. Feel free to give me a call when your hittin a trail, my cell is 7609639632

Skyline in Corona is a fun trail. Very steep Dh and challenging with a lot of exposure and sheer drop offs! Me, Jamey and John Long rode their a while back and I’ve been meaning to go again, but as mentioned, not until it cools down.