Muni riders - height/weight -vs- wheel size

Hey guys, since everyone seems to want to share their height and weight i thought we might as well put it to some use.

Knowing a bunch of heights and weights is pretty useless in itself but might be interesting if we combine that information with preferred wheel size/tire width for MUni.

If I get enough data I will punch it into excel and see if any trends emerge. (do taller people like taller wheels? heavier people wider tires? no relation?)

you can give your height/weight in metric or imperial measurements, it doesn’t mater, but please just give one wheel size.

I will start

5’10" 185lbs 26x2.5

5’11" 160lbs 24 x 3.0

5’9" / 135lbs


I think that most of the responses you are going to get are going to be pretty much the same, no matter what height/weight…

However, there might be some more experienced riders out there with a more personal preference…

6’, 160lbs, 26x2.5-2.6

Having only been riding 2 years I’m not one of the more experienced riders but I have reached this preference after spending a fair amount of time with other options (24x3.0, 26x3.8, 29x2.2-2.5, 36x2.25).

Yah I know I am going to get a lot of 24x3 across the board but it would be interesting to see where the other wheel/tire sizes fit in. Maybe only half of the over 6" crowd uses 24x3?

we need a lot more responses to see if there are any trends.

I think adding crank size would be helpfull.

5’ 10", 155 lbs. 24X2.7, 170 cranks.

I’ve tried bigger wheels but I can’t handle the effective taller gearing in much of my terrain, and I don’t do drops so I can’t make use of a more volumous tire.

I’d go down a bit on the cranks to 165’s if they’d fit on my DX hub.

5’9", 210#, 26x2.6, 165mm, 18psi

5’11" - 160# - 24x3 - 165

6’ 0" - 255 - 26x2.5 - 150’s

6’1" 210lbs 26x3.8 165’s

Cool guys. Should have thought of crank size.

Just punched in what we have and an interesting trend has popped up, not one that I was expecting.

I think I am going to wait until we have at least 20 responses before posting any results.

I am amending my entry to include crank length.

5’10" 185lbs 26x2.5 145mm

6 ft 1 in, 175 lbs; 29 in by 2.6 wide

5’9" 195lbs 24x3 150mm

5’8" 145lbs 24x3 165

5’11 180lbs 24x2.6

This should be really interesting. I’m curious to see the results. I ride flat and street so my imput wouldn’t be helpful.

5’ 9" 220 lbs 29" 2.20 137.5 mm

I’m about 6’ 2", just under 12st (something like 165 lbs), 26x3 for general muni (with 150s)

178cm 76kg that gives about:
5’10" 168lbs 29"x2.2 135mm

could the results have metric values as well?

172cm, 65kg, 26x2.4 with 140mm cranks