muni rider wanted

is there any other muni rider in my area of the world???i live in Salem ,Oregon…if there is lets hook up ,im so tired of being the only one around here,theres got to be someone around here,maybe …eugene or portland

hey i live in portland or. i do mostly street freestyle rides. i have a 26" semcyle that i put a knobby tire on and i take it off road sometimes. but i only know one other person that rides off road and hes usually busy with family and work n stuff. so i dont get off road too much.

id like to hook up with ya. theres some pretty gnarley trails round here. way fun to ride. in about two weeks i should have a car thats leagal to drive. i can then come down and check out some of the trails you ride. can you get up here?

cool i have a family too,but i can always get a day off or a sitter for my 3 yr. old…Sundays are the best. i dont own a car but if i go up there i’ll bring my wheel…i’ll be wating this thread…my email is

. edit: oops i posted in the wrong thread. sorry.

i dont live near salem, but hopefully youll have some more luck jagur

Before you all get too carried away, have a look at the date of the original post in this thread. :slight_smile: