Muni rider spotted in SoCal - Brown Mtn/El Prieto trail on 10/11

Are you here? I was on my MTB going up as you were coming down off the trail. A group of us ride muni in the area, it’d be cool to add another.

Hmm, wonder if it was Tony, Iain or Hugh. I met all three of them at El Prieto a couple years ago. I think they live out that way so it might have been one of them. I rode there a few months ago, after it reopened since the big fire, and it was so totally changed. Gotta go back again soon. :slight_smile:

I doubt it was either of them as we were on a MTB club ride and they are part of our club (Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club - And Altadena is a long way across town from Thousand Oaks for a quick evening ride.

And BTW, Iain moved to Boulder, CO.

I’ve been thinking of taking that ride on by muni - let me know when you want to drag a relative newbie up and down the hill! The fireroad up is virtually singletrack now.

Oh that’s right. I heard he had moved a while ago.