Muni rider in Boston

Hi folks, I’m Nikki. I’m originally from Florida but I’ve relocated to the Boston area for a couple of years. I was inspired to join this forum after meeting @ccola last week while out riding some trails.

I’ve been riding about 15 years, and most of that has been Muni. I ride a Nimbus 24" Mountain Unicycle. If you’re looking to ride Muni with someone anywhere within about 2 hours’ drive of Boston, I’d love to meet up!


Welcome! And we just bumped into each other by chance on an icy afternoon. What are the odds. I saw you at first from behind the trees, so I didn’t see the wheel, but I knew instinctively that you had the textbook muni form. Even then I thought no way it could be a unicycle, maybe you were trail running with an awkwardly large dog, or you were mtbiking with a tacoed wheel. I couldn’t believe it when I saw your unicycle!

I hope you and @sedelmeyer meet some time when he gets back on his wheel, we’ve been mostly mtbiking lately.

Hello Nikki! Great to have another local rider!

As @ccola mentions, I’ve been off my wheel for a while (nursing some lower back issues for the past few months :-1:). So, I’ve been strictly sticking to two wheels lately.

But, I’d totally be down for a ride once I’m back up and riding on one wheel. Can’t say I am particularly skilled, but I do enjoy tooling around on some trails.

@ccola I’m impressed that you spotted that it looked like I was unicycling before seeing the wheel – I’m not sure I know what “textbook muni form” looks like! :sweat_smile:

@sedelmeyer Sorry to hear about your back issues, I hope they resolve soon. I look forward to meeting you for a ride once you’re back up on the uni!

Both of you enjoy the downhill stuff… more than I do haha

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We have a small group of muni riders here in southern Maine. We have some great trails in Gorham, where they groom! It’s been icy lately but with snow coming and some grooming we could be on again soon. Send me an email and I’ll keep you in the loop on upcoming rides.

Hello, I’m not from Boston but will be spending a lot of time there this spring/summer/fall as I’ll be street performing at Faneuil Hall and performing at the King Richard’s Faire. I love MUNI and will be doing lots of it while I am there. Hope to connect with ya’ll then. What’s the best way to keep in touch? Email? Text? Facebook group?

That’s pretty cool, do you perform on a unicycle? I’ll PM you my email address and maybe we can set up a Groupme chat or something for muni riders in the area.

Howdy, Boston-area folks-
I live in southern RI, and would absolutely make the trip to do some trail (or however) riding, if an outing gets put together. Please let me know!

Sounds good! Right now the snow/ice is prohibitive, but when conditions improve later this spring I hope we’ll be able to set something up!

Count me in! Hopefully the weather will get better after a few freeze-thaw cycles.

PM me your phone number if you would like to be added to a Groupme group chat to coordinate rides in/near Boston.

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