Muni Ride Video

Hey, Ben put this video together from our trail ride before the muni fest last weekend. I cut the very end outtro to make it fit on bluetube. Wooo

Nice video! I thought the whole thing was really entertaining. Funny how the outtakes take up half of the time, but they were well worth watching too. It looks like you guys had some fun out there. Nice riding too. It shows me some stuff I have to work on. I look forward to another in the future.

And also, your choice of music was great!

Thank you! Ben picked the music. Glad you enjoyed it.

Nice video. Looks like a really fun trail with all the wooden steps, roots and tree trunks! I also like the music choice; it fits the “back-woodsy” feel of the area. I half expected a “Hoedown” to break out any minute!:wink:

And hodowns do break out.

I really enjoyed this video. Nice riding, good cameraderie–made me wish I was there with you. Which, actually, seemed possible, as the person who was filming (Ben?) has a voice very similar to mine–it sounded enough like me to be a little spooky!

Oh, and whatever the comment was about the milk-jug of water made me laugh–did the rider holding it call it his “hillbilly camelbak” or something like that? Anyway, it was funny.

Thanks for posting the video! While I like the other things posted by folks on the forum, too, I enjoyed that this one was about riding, having fun, and trying challenging terrain. It felt like the kinds of rides I go on all the time.

yea i liked the music, how long have you ppl been riding?

I always ride with a gallon of water, and I was joking about camelbak now offering them for $39.99. I’m glad you enjoyed it! The mountains here are really nice for trail riding. I’ve only recently started going off-road…I like trials in Asheville usually, but when I met Adam Masters and we all of a sudden had a network of unicyclists, it was fun to go out on the trail. Still is. Spencer’s branch is about 4 1/2 miles long. It’s a tough trail. For the Muni fest last weekend we took a different branch of it (Trace Ridge) that was a lot easier (because we had so many young riders.)

I’ve been riding for eight years, and the other guys have been for 1-3 years I think.