MUni ride this Sat/Sun 12/29 & 12/30

Since not everyone is on the Muni mailing list, I wanted to put out this invitation. Anyone interested in a fun filled Muni adventure this Saturday and/or Sunday at “Sullivan Canyon”, in the Santa Monica Mountains, should PM me.

Start times are flexible and this trail is a BLAST! Something for every skill level. Hope you can join me!:smiley:

awww wish i could go but im going to the mountains this weekend:(

To ski? Bring your Muni for some snow muni!:slight_smile:

Bumpity bump! :sunglasses:

yea thats what i was gonna do. i just bought a new muni.:smiley:

:frowning: Sorry I can’t come because I live in Australia and I have circus school on Saturday and soccer on Sunday and a uni event. But it sounds good.
cheers uni98 P.S nice vid

Haha yeah that’s a tad far! What vid are you talking about?

Why not put out an invitation to the muni mailing list instead?

I will from now on, plus here too now and then since there are still some local Muni-ers who are not on the mailing list. Speakiing of which, this Sunday me, Cody, Spencer and a few others (so far) will be meeting at 9am at Sullivan for a MUni, then hit it ocer to Venice Beach for some stree riding!:smiley: