Muni ride on 20"

Anyone ride in muni on 20" wheel ? I thinking about 20" to muni ride. Anyone have magura brake in 20" ? Do you have any videos muni 20".
I seach all about this thread.

Sorru but my english is bad :confused:

you can ride muni on a 20"… slow (except your name is david weichenberger…) but you can ride. you don’t need a brake on the 20", on some frames it woulkd possible (quax, as i remamber, a least the old ones).

lots of people i know (me aswell) started muniing on the 20", and some are real good in it. if you wanna go faster, and not hitting the pedal that much you’ll need a bigger wheel…

Torker DX 20" uni’s came equipped with brake mounts to fit Magura’s. Not sure if the new DX’s will have this feature or not.

Its certainly possible, but not reccomended. I’ve done it before and so has my friend. The trails I rode were not very technical.

A 20" is fine on technical trails, especially if there are a lot of rocks to hop around on. They aren’t so good if you’re riding anything easy, especially if the distances get above 4 or 5 km. It’s better than nothing.

i ride a kh 20 for muni right now i like it more then the 24 but you do get tired faster. but if you put geared hub on it that would be cool.

Get a 29er and ride the hell out of it. you will love it.