MUni ride first day of fall, Aspen Highlands, Co.

They always say, just wait five minutes for the weather to change. It was one of those days today, but, even more dramatic was the weather change from yesterday to today. Saturday brought Colorado blue sky and 70’s F temperatures. It sure felt like summer, but when you looked around, the changing colors hinted that fall was on it’s way.
Today, rain and 40’s F. I planned on going on a BIG MUni ride today, but due to the weather, mostly the mud on the singletrack that the weather created, I opted for a shorter, MUni ride with rideable conditions due to the rock on the road. This one is easy, as the access is right out my front door. Paco, my uni buddy, and I headed up Highlands ski area. The rain was coming down softly, and the fog was dense. The changing aspen tree’s could be seen glowing through the fog. The road is steep, but mostly rideable, I had my GB4 29er and some of the pitches are just to steep to ride, so I walk.
I make it to midway on the mountain, around 10,000’ elevation, where Paco and I take a break before the fun spin back down the mountain. The rain is letting up and the sky is getting brighter. Fall colors begin to sparkle in the sunshine that is peeking through the dark clouds.Low clouds hover in the valley below with the mountains standing tall above. I find myself stopping allot to take pictures, the scenery was just to spectacular not to. So, here are some pictures from Aspen Highlands ski area, and the surroundings mountains, enjoy them. Get out and ride.

8 miles, 2400’ vertical, 4.8 mph average speed
First pic is about 1/2 up my ride, but only 1/4 way up mountain

this pic is from just below midway, looking into Willow drainage, just below Snowmass ski area

This pic is looking down to maroon creek, highway 82, base area highlands and the pedestrian bridge across maroon creek.

The more you post pics like this, the more likely you will get a new neighbor. Nice write-up and nice pics. Who needs the beach when you have stuff like this out your front door?

Awesome! Thanks for the write up.


Very nice.

Great pics Mike! Looks like it was a beautiful ride.

You are amazing! I stayed indoors, up Cottonwood Pass, and watched the rain, hail, and sun go by. Oh, and watched the Broncos get spanked!

Cyndad, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing:D Get out and ride, the snow is lowering with every storm, so high country MUni is moving over for telemark skiing, a choice that is alright with me. :smiley:

Wow, nice pic of the Bells, Mike. I agree with the clothing comment.

Re: Telemark (you’ve probably heard all these)
Free the heel and the mind will follow.
Drop the knee or drop the sport.
Drop the knee, squat to pee.
Free the heel and the wrist will follow.

A couple of these are new to me, thanks for expanding my telemark knoweledge!

u shuld go on a ride in west cliff if the weather isnt too bad there yet…

Randonee = French for “Can’t tele”
Telemark = Norwegian for “Hey wait up!”

Beautiful Belles pic!

Loveland began blowing snow last night!

and yes…I telemark too, the BC wheel of skiing.:slight_smile:

Awesome photos. I was thinking of making a bumper sticker that said “If you tele in the winter, why would you ride on two wheels in the summer?”. The sports are just so similar.


Strange but true…

Gorgeous photos Mike. Still summer here…

Ok, OK…I rode the last 2 days, and avoided the mud. But,I don’t get to tele anymore. We leave for Mexico to kiteboard everyday, all winter long. It is the ultimate 3 dimensional sport, and I’d take it anyday over sliding down hill on frozen water!

I like that picture the best. Funny before I scrolled down all the way, I thought you took that one in black and white:)

Nice one Kris. I think that both telemarking and unicycling are the purest forms of each sport, demanding a more delicate balance and heightened awareness. I believe the reward is greater because of that.

Sounds awesome Cynbad. How would you compare a big phat powder day in Highland Bowl, to kiteboarding? The right wind speed, coming from the right azimuth, with the right size swell? I learned how to kiteboard this past June in Aruba, intense sport. There the wind blows you to Venenzula, luckily I knew someone with a boat:)

Another pic from the end of the ride, a sweet way to end it.

OK, They two are not really comparable. But, notice the free heels!