MUni ride & different pedals

I went to another of the local mtb trails today (McAllister Park) and decided to see how “MUni friendly” the trails were. I’ve ridden these trails several times on my mountain bike and thought they were a little “too easy” and got bored with them. Today, on the MUni, everything changed. The trails were not all that difficult, but made for a really enjoyable ride. They consisted of miles and miles of sweet singletrack with small climbs and descents with quite a few switchbacks. I only got to ride about 7 miles and probably hit less than half of what’s out there. I switched from the Odessey plastic pin type pedals that came on my Yuni to some pedals I found in my “bike bin”. These pedals performed perfectly, easy to move my foot around and still gripped the bottom of my boot well enough to keep my foot from unintenionally slipping. They are available from Nashbar and are currently on sale for $16.95 U.S.