Muni ride at Swinley Forest, Bracknell, this Sunday?

Hi, would any of the South-East UK riders be interested in going for a muni ride at Swinley Forest this Sunday morning?

I am probably going to go anyway, so it would be cool if some other riders wanted to join me.

I’m not dead set on going to Swinley Forest, anywhere would do really as long as it’s not too far. Other possible locations could be Oxshott Common, the trails near Dorking (Leith Hill?), or the trails near my house in Bourne Wood. Swinley Forest has some nice trails though, and I’ve been there before so I would hopefully be able to find the good singletrack again without too much hassle.

Anyone up for some muni?

Bad timing.

When I visit my in-laws in Maidenhead I always head over to Swinley Forest. The place is enormous and has some superb single track. Sorry, but I’m not visiting them this weekend.

Have fun anyway.

Try and get there early Sunday morning and you’ll have the place to yourself. i.e. 7.30-8.00am. It does get very busy later.

Some other time then.

Thanks, that’s a good tip.

I know the timing is not great, with it being the same weekend as Manchester-Blackpool, and the short notice, I’m not expecting hordes of riders!

How far off riding again are you? Not too long I hope. You should check out, it’s a good way to pass some time and earn some money for new unicycles, and you can do it with one hand!

Well, Swinley Forest is officially my “Favorite Place To Ride in England”, but unfortunately, I can’t get there by Sunday. Hope you have fun!

I went back a month or so ago with Danny on his bike and retraced the start of the single track. I took a GPS on this on this occasion so will be able to send it to everybody when I finally get the time.