MUni ride at Manly Dam in Sydney, January 27th, 2010

Hey ya’ll,
I will be organizing a MUni ride at Manly Dam this Wednesday morning, January 27th, 2010. We have Jesper from Denmark and Tony from NZ, so I will be showing them the trail. Probably end up doing two laps…but we’ll see. Anyone is welcome, it is an awesome trail if you’ve never done it. PM if you plan on coming or need directions. Let’s plan to meet at the hydraulics lab on King street, at 9am. If it rains, we might have to reschedule. Hope to see others there, at least those that don’t have to work…or can call in sick!



I’m in for at least 1 lap.


Sweet dude. Wish I were there. Here’s my favorite section of Manly Dam. Definitely worth two laps.

(Sorry if you have probs with vid - I’ve never linked video before.)


video above should work better now…

Eyal you made those drops look easy and it looks much nastier in real life than video,well done.Here are a few pics I managed to take from today’s ride with Jamey and Jesper.

looking good guys. Next time i come up to syd i will have to bring my Muni with me and hit up that trail with you. Jamey- i met you at Unicon (i’m the guy with the 24" schlumpf) and it would be good to hit up some tech Muni with some other riders again.

Thanks for posting the pics John and for meeting up with us. Good times.

Mark, for sure you will have to hit me up when you come up here. Would love to go on some rides, maybe even some other trails around the area as Manly Dam is the only one I’ve tried. You know of any other good ones around Sydney?

Eyal, I still haven’t had the guts to try that section you made look so easy. Afraid of hurting myself…but gonna have to try it one of these days…

Hey Jamie you’ll have to come down to Canberra for a muni ride with mark and i sometime soon. there are even better trails down here :slight_smile:

For sure. If the MUni easter weekend thing happens, I’ll be there!