Muni ride at Lymm Dam + Video (4mins 40secs)

Muni ride at Lymm Dam + Video (4mins 40secs)

Friday evening saw a quick scoot from work to a local muni spot ‘Lymm Dam’, with my work mate and two Muni’s. I’d been looking forward to this all week for a number of reasons.

  1. I’d finally get to ride my muni set up exactly how I wanted it.
  2. Well it’s a ride isn’t it :slight_smile:

It was great little ride and lived up to my expectations and then some. For starters I was finally happy with my KH24 2004 after having it for 5 months. I’d changed the pedals to DMR V8 from the snafu’s (which although nice were too big for my feet) and I’d managed to eliminate the creaking noise with a hub service the week before. A new seat post (without brake mount) was also added.

Secondly most of my previous visits had been on my nimbus 20 so I was interested to see how I would fair on my new ride. I had a blast, beating our previous up hill record and completing the steps sections much easier.

As an added bonus I got my first ever ‘other wheel’ comment!

I’ve uploaded a video of the ride. Bare in mind this ain’t no Andrew Carter riding :slight_smile: but I enjoyed it so thought I would share anyway.

Large video = 70 meg, wmv format, 640x480, 4mins 40 secs

Small video = 17 meg, wmv format, 320x240, 4mins 40 secs

If you can (and you don’t mind waiting) I’d recommend the large one purely as it’s better quality.




What a pleasant movie! Looks like a super place to ride for stairs.

Edit: Also - where is that, please?

Probably not in the US, I would die for a place that beautifal, lol

It’s in the North-West of the UK. In a place called Lymm near warrington.


Just finished watching it, it looks like a wonderful place, wish I could have been there today. Wish i could have been outside today, it was horrible rain all day.

Well I only got to see half of it because although we have broadband it seems to be playing up this morning. But it was very cool…a beautiful setting. Love the sound of all those birds. Nice riding too.


just watched the video and it looks like a fun place to ride.

down here in the south of the uk we have many forests and trail tracks that are just like where you seem to be riding.

we are both very lucky


Thanks guys, it is a nice place to be. It’s strange how sometimes it takes someone to remind you of that.

juggling_unicyclist_joe your right we are lucky

Andrew the last 1 min 20 secsonds is my favorite part of the movie. Maybe it’s the music (puts me in a good mood) or maybe i’m just happy with my first attempt at editing. Still no skinny riding though :wink: maybe next time (after lots of practice).

Hey, great movie!

It really is beautiful!
Its funny how sometimes you need to be reminded of how nice the place you live is. I just take it for granted I live right next to the sea. I dont know what I would do if i wasnt, i love it here!

Keep up the great riding. Plus the muni looks sweet! Pleased with it?


Cheers Joe, I’m now very happy with the Muni, i’d always enjoyed it in the past but never been completely happy. The pedal change for me has made a big difference.

Loved the movie. It was well filmed with excellant music as well. We’ll have to meet up sometime for a ride as we can’t live that far apart, as I can get to Lymm Dam in 20 mins from Boothstown (West Manchester). I’m assuming you’re fairly local to Lymm if you went there after work. The only riding I’ve done around there is on the TPT on my Coker.

Practically all my riding at the moment though is on my 29er and will be for the next 8 weeks until ‘Red Bull’ is over with. Then it’s back to muni & Coker riding again.

I do miss my muni, so maybe we could meet up for a ride one the evening.