Muni repair questions

After a few years of use, my Sun DoubleWide is finally about 3-4mm out of true. I noticed it when I went to put my brake back on.

  1. Is this a routine fix for a decent bike shop?

  2. Will they have any problem with the fact that the wheel is mounted on a Profile hub (e.g, would they need to remove the cranks, and would they have the right apparatus and tools?)

  3. If I hear a bit of clicking in the bearings, is it time to replace them? (The Muni is still riding well).

  4. What’s the easiest way to get my hands on the steel braided cable for the Magura? Have a bike shop order it?


Re: Muni repair questions has the Magura steel braided cable and all sorts of other Magura parts. He’s got good prices too.

I’ve had my Coker rim trued a couple of times at local bikeshops. They used the frame as the jig. I removed the cranks, but didn’t need to. It’s an easy job for a proper bike mechanic.