MUni Rendezvous - Central Tennessee

Hi Everybody,

“Red Rider” (a Memphis Unicycle Club member) has invited everybody to her local MUni playground to camp and ride the trails of Montgomery - Bell State Park over the weekend of May 20th, 2006.

The MUC held a camping / MUni rendezvous at Montgomery - Bell State Park a couple of years ago and it was awesome. Since then the local mountain bikers have established many, many more trails.

Montgomery - Bell State Park is located about 35 min. west of Nashville (toward Memphis). To take a peek at the Montgomery – Bell web site visit:

Mark your late-spring calendars and plan on sharing a camping / MUni weekend with other riders and their families from around the region.


Great MUni (MBk) Trails. Miles and miles.

You’ll want to carry plenty of water! This might be a good time to upgrade to the 2 liter camelback. (seriously)

Have fun. Sorry I’ll have to miss it.:frowning: