Muni recommendations and a discussion question.

I’m 6’1" 175lbs (and 48yo if you must know).

I currently ride a Koxx1 24 muni with 160 cranks and a 3" Duro. This is my first muni. It works great for me on the local single track. They are a mixture of hard pack and firm sand with occasional patches of sugar sand thrown in. Quite a few roots as well to keep me on my toes. There are no hills to speak of but lots small steep climbs and descents. The maximum climb/descent is less than 6 feet. I probably should put some 150s on it just to see what I think. I’m intrigued by several people who’ve said their off road riding improved with a shorter crank. Then again they may be 5’7" tall.

I and want to try a 26 for some additional speed. I’ve been reading a lot of the recent threads about crank length and tire size to try to make the best choices I can. What I’m sorry to see left out in riders’ preferences are the rider’s size and weight. 50lbs either way should have a huge effect on your tire preference. Someone with a 27" inseam may feel very different about a 165 crank than someone with a 33" inseam. I have a 29" uni for road only with 127 cranks. I like the added pedal resistance but I often feel like the pedal circle is restrictively small.

Just for discussions sake do you think a uni scales to the rider? Will a tall guy feel best on a 29er where a shorter person would prefer the 24?

I’m currently considering the Nimbus 26 from UDC. I’d appreciate any feedback regarding crank length and tire choices.

Of course if anyone is trying to sell a 26 (or maybe even a 29) feel free to send me a PM.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice.


Since you already have a 29" you could put on some longer cranks and maybe an offroad tire and give it a few rides on your local trails. It might be just what you’re looking for.

I had a 24" muni and a 29" muni. I liked riding both in different situations but decided that something in between the two would better suit where and how I ride most often. I put together a 26" with a tire that is a bit smaller and much lighter than the Duro 26x3. It rides just like I though it would, right in between the 24" and 29" (which have since found new homes). I’m 6’, 160lbs and like 150mm cranks on the 26".

I think that could be true. There’s a local Muni rider here who’s over 6’ tall and told me he never felt comfortable with the 24" wheel because it was too small for him. He rides 36" Muni and rides through the same stuff that the rest of us ride on with 24x3 wheels and 150 or 165 cranks, like ledge drops, rock gardens, loose rock, steep hills, and rolling hops over branches. It’s pretty amazing. I’m 5’8" and enjoy slower technical Muni on a 24x3 wheel more so than riding faster on less technical stuff with a 29" wheel.