***MUNI - Ramapo Mountain 2nd Edition***

After 12 hours of editing, and another 6 or so hours of tediously trying to compress the file while maintaining a decent quality, I’ve cut down the hour of footage that was captured on two cameras, and produced the 2nd edition of Ramapo Mountain Muni.

The date: 6/30/07
The riders:
-Jeff Prosa (NJmuni)
-Gregg Vivolo (Unipyschler)
-Teddy Ressler (Unigrinnin)
-Jason Checkla (Chexjc)
Location: Ramapo Mountain State Forest, Oakland, NJ.

Special thanks to my brother (Jesse Checkla) for filming.

Um…I’m sorry about the monkey :slight_smile:

I’m also sorry about the quality…if anyone that is knowledgable in regards to compressing dv files reads this, PM me. I need help :o

All editing was done on iMovie HD

…and one last note: I incorrectly credited the last song in the video. The last song is “We Intertwined,” by The Hush Sound.

Here is a youtube version (a little crappier) for anyone who can’t watch it on Daily Motion: http://youtube.com/watch?v=542IyHMqsk0

Awesome job, the editing was top notch. You can tell you definitely put some time into it. That monkey was torture though.

wow that was a pretty good vid!!
it was long but it was still good…that place looks like fun too!

Great video! Looked like a cool place to muni too!

Yea…sorry again about the monkey hahaha :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yea it’s long…but it was a 6 hour muni ride haha.

Thanks Terry! It’s a great place to ride. This “2nd edition” was filmed on a stunt trail. There were some HUGE drops for downhill bikers.

Ok… the monkey…

The first time I saw him… I was like… Huh?!?

The second time I saw him… I actually chuckled out loud…

The third time I saw him, I smiled…

I’d like to never see him again… :wink:

The riding was quite good, and it looks like the 4 riders were rather close in skill level… I’d expect that would be great for pushing each other and learning quick…

Great job!



Hahahaha. I promise, you won’t ever see the monkey again…heh…heh heh…

Of the four riders there, I’m the least experienced Muni rider. Actually, that was my 3rd muni ride. But we definitely help each other improve.

excellent filming and riding there looks like a great spot to ride

dang, it looks like you boys have got some great trails there!

Great riding! Great filming! thanks so much for sharing

nice Jason the vid looks good and is that yor evil monkey.

Yes you do. But I’m no help there. Ask Spencer Hochberg. He gets some killer resolution.

Nice vid:)
Good riding and filming. I thought some of the clips were cut a bit short, unless the rider UPD’d right after (then misrepresenting the riders skill a bit).

I thought the monkey was a cool way of transitioning from songs, he came back WAY too many times. I would have kept that the same but w/ the song clips much longer and just like three of them.

Looking forward to your next vid (but w/ hopefully better resolution):o After a while you’ll get the editing down to under an hour:) Frank (phthoruth)makes lots of vids and may have ideas on how to speed up the editing w/ good qualitly.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I had spoken to Spencer about his videos. I’ve got a pretty good understanding of what needs to be done…it seems to be a matter of trial and error until i find the perfect mix of quality and size.

I’m looking into a program called SUPER right now.

Thanks for the comment!