Muni Race


I should mention about a rather interesting weekend I just had. Over the past
weekend was the annual Vancouver Outdoor Show in BC PLace stadium. For the show
they constructed a “North Shore Style” Mountain Biking Race. “North Shore Style”
refers to the extremely steep and technical nature of trails in North Vancouver,
which have lots of big drops, and constructed ramps and log rides. The race
consisted of a steep ramp up onto a platform, from which you had to ride a 20
foot long by 8" wide plank that was 6 feet off the ground. You then had to ride
off a 6 foot drop onto dirt, and then over a teeter totter. From there you rode
up a ramp behind the stadium bleachers that took you up two stories to the
stadium steps. Then down the stadium steps, and down a steep plywood ramp to a
jump onto the stadium floor. Quite technical and exciting!

It went really well and I managed to beat one mountain biker as well as the
DNF’s (Lots of riders broke their bottom brackets on the big drop but my Muni
survived thank goodness). Over 300 people were watching and cheering, and there
were some magazine photographers and people from Outdoor Life Television
Network, so we’ll see if it gets any exposure. MUni is getting fairly well known
in Vancouver, from the outdoor show and also from a film I was in (North Shore
Extreme II), which played at a Film Festival on the weekend. Norco Trials Team
and Mavic Rims were tentatively interested in sponsoring me which would be quite
nice (as long as, as JF said, I don’t have to ride a Norco Unicycle!).


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